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Making Multicultural Teams work

Program will demonstrate how improved communication in multicultural teams leads to increased productivity and fosters a more inclusive and collaborative work environment.

Making Multicultural Teams work
Making Multicultural Teams work

Time & Location

Date and time is TBD

Location is TBD

About the event

This training program is made to support small and medium enterprises.

In today's globalized workforce, Cyprus is increasingly hiring nationals from diverse countries, leading to a rich tapestry of cultures within its workforce and challenges in communication and maintaining productivity.

A three-day interactive training program provides and equips participants with a comprehensive understanding, a diverse skill set, and a positive attitude essential for success and effective collaboration in multicultural team environments. It primarily focuses on cultural sensitivity, effective communication, and personal emotional intelligence skills, incorporating attributes such as patience, respect, and effective articulation when working with multicultural teams.

The program will demonstrate how improved communication in multicultural teams leads to increased productivity and fosters a more inclusive and collaborative work environment. This holistic approach enables participants to gain the knowledge, skills, and mindset required to excel in diverse work settings while also driving greater productivity and efficiency.

Research shows that Leaders estimate multicultural teams lose the equivalent of nearly an entire workday (7.47 hours) each week to poor communication—or approximately $12,506 per employee every year. (Grammarly Business & The Harris Poll). 

The only way for businesses to stay competitive is by increasing productivity and adopting multicultural input in all parts of a business.

About the Seminar

Our process begins by cultivating a deep understanding of multicultural team dynamics and the challenges they present. Participants engage in activities that emphasize cultural sensitivity, psychological roles, and the importance of effective communication.

In the subsequent stages, we delve into conflict resolution strategies and empowerment through storytelling, equipping participants with the tools and techniques necessary for addressing team conflicts and enhancing their impact through narratives.

The seminar also fosters a culture of inclusivity, empathy, and adaptability. Participants develop emotional intelligence skills, such as patience, respect, and articulate communication when working with diverse teams, which, in turn, enriches the quality of interactions.

Who is it for?

The seminar is aimed at administrative, managerial, and supervisory executives, such as:

  • General Managers,
  • Executive Directors,
  • Owners/Directors of small businesses,
  • Accounting Managers,
  • Logistic Managers,
  • Procurement Managers,
  • Distribution/Production/Engineering Managers
  • Human Resources and Diversity & Inclusion Managers

About the Trainer

Ms. Branka van der Linden is a highly experienced professional with a proven track record of making a significant impact in the fields of AML compliance, governance, innovation, and holistic business consulting. She holds a Bachelor in Business Administration and an  LLM Master of Laws in International Business. She is a Certified Master Trainer and Facilitator for personal and professional development under ICF (International Coaching Federation) accredited methodology with over 500 hours in multicultural environment training and working. Branka is a Certified Human Resources Development Agency Trainer and Certified AML Compliance Officer.

Working for over 15 years in fiduciary services and handling various teams of numerous clients, she implemented training in various industries such as shipping, oil and gas, software development, retail, real estate, financial services, renewable energy, and more.

Branka is an accomplished author and trainer in personal and professional development, with over thousand hours of training in essential soft skills, leadership, personal development, and multicultural group dynamics. She specializes in international projects and multicultural environments and has practiced her skills in the community of 147 countries.


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