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Points of You®

The fascinating combination of images, words, and questions sparks the magic every time.


You evoke your creativity and bring together a world of associations, feelings, and insights.​

Follow your Calling and register for our Workshops

Training for Personal & Professional Growth

Meaningful Synergies will provide you with the skills, techniques, mindset, and support to develop others and to become a master in our heart-opening and mind-blowing facilitation style.

All trainings are accredited by the International Coaching Federation (ICF).  


Points of You® Explorer

In this exciting 6-hour Workshop, you will get a taste of the Points of You® methodology and tools, experience a unique form of communication and dialogue, and add new skills to your professional know-how.


Points of You® Expert

In this five-day, all-inclusive Turning Point Program, you’ll be experiencing a transformational professional & personal journey.

Change your perspective for a lifetime with the unique combination of your strengths and passions with the Points of You® tools and methods.


Points of You® Practitioner

This rhythmic 16-hour workshop is packed with both experiential and practical knowledge.

Learn diverse techniques for different target audiences that will be easily integrated into your daily professional use.


Points of You® Master

During this five-day mastery you’ll elevate your skills to the highest level.

Embark on a journey of deep exploration into identity, presence, leadership, and performance, helping you discover your true calling.

Ready to Embrace
Points of You®?

Explore the transformative potential of Points of You® methodology. Choose your training level to embark on a journey of self-discovery, coaching excellence, and enhanced facilitation skills.

Tools for Meaningful Impact

I love the energy of the place: professional with positive, creative vibes. The workshop was a very rewarding experience for me. 

Elena M., Business Consultant - Trainer - Coach (Cyprus)

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